Photos credited to: Andrews Ohene Darteh and Martin Hammerhofer


Berekum College of Education, Berekum-Ghana began a journey to establish a College partnership programme with Hans-Böckler-Berufskolleg, Münster- Germany since July, 2018. The purpose of the partnership is for organizing cultural, academic, local and foreign based and tourism programmes aimed at offering staff and students the opportunity to engage in projects and programmes of mutual interest.

Hans-Böckler-Berufskolleg, Münster- Germany and Berekum College of Education, Berekum- Ghana aims at becoming one of the best institutions in the training of students in their home countries, hence the need to seek collaboration and assistance from each other within and outside of Germany and Ghana to make our students and staff globally competitive. The two Colleges therefore look forward to a strong collaboration between both institutions in an exchange programme where students would obtain academic and culture experiences which would shape their behaviour patterns.

The process towards writing a suitable agreement for the partnership started with a Preliminary visit of a six (6) member team from Hans-Böckler-Berufskolleg, Münster- Germany to Berekum- Ghana in July, 2018 and a ten (10) member team from Berekum College of Education, Berekum- Ghana to Münster- Germany in September, 2019.

(Pictures from 2018 Hans-Böckler-Berufskolleg, Münster team: from left- Andrews Ohene Darteh- College Rep., Martin Hammerhofer- Key Contact Person, Nina Kathrin Wesemann- student, Kai Uwe Finkelmann- student, Bernd Herbert Janat- student, Marius Hölker- student and Tim Wolfgang Thiel- student). 

(2019 Berekum College of Education Team- from left: Andrews Ohene Darteh –Key Contact Person, Godfred Asamoah-, Priscilla Adubea, Appiah Collins –HoD, Augustina Kyeraa- College Secretary, Veronica Gyamfuah Okrah- Snr. Domestic Bursar, Kwasi Sakyi-Student, Samuel Acheampong (Tutor/Quality Assuurance Officer, Seth Sarpong- Student, Abraham Adjei Anderson- Student).

Following the preliminary visits of both College for ideas on what should constitute the areas of collaboration and a Memorandum of Understanding, a fifteen (15) member team from Hans-Böckler-Berufskolleg, Münster- Germany was set to visit Berekum College of Education, Berekum- Ghana from 24th January- 8th February, 2020 for the official signing of a Memorandum of Understanding which would guide activities of the friendship between the two Colleges. (see pictures of the team).

(Front left: Rebecca Wiggers-student, Liliya Kleinschmidt-student, Maren Göcke-student, Jan Münstermann-student, Janina Gerkamp-student, Martin Hammerhofer (Key Contact Person), Felix Fritsch-student, Ben van de Kamp- student, Friederike Nonhoff (Tutor), Sebastian Sobbe-student, Mario Kühnbaum-student, Valentin Wunsch-student, Benjamin Fincke-student, Tim Feldhaus-student).

A memorandum of understanding was signed by the Principals- Mr. Prince Yeboah Marfo and Mr. Günther Menke, and witness by the Key Contact Persons of the partnership- Mr. Andrews Ohene Darteh and Mr. Martin Hammerhofer for the two Colleges respectively. The memorandum of understanding considers the strengths and opportunities of both Colleges in order to ensure a mutual benefit to both institutions.

The February, 2021 visit also commenced an official partnership visit between the two Colleges. Following this visit, there would an exchange visit each year. The two College are proud of this important friendship towards making our students and staff globally competitive.



Andrews Ohene Darteh

Partnerships and Cooperation Coordinator