The Eye in Perspective: A project of Hans-Böckler-Berufskolleg, Münster at Berekum College of Education

The Eye in Perspective: A project of Hans-Böckler-Berufskolleg, Münster at Berekum College of Education in a world of transformation.

The dynamic world of innovation underpins the need for collaborative learning and support between institutions all over the world. The quest for diversity in learning in a world of transformation underscored the partnership between Hans-Böckler-Berufskolleg (HBBK), Münster- Germany and Berekum College of Education (BECOLED), Ghana. This drive has informed the idea of taking advantage of the skills of learners and teachers of the two institutions to provide solution where it is required.

To this end, pupils from Hans-Böckler-Berufskolleg took upon themselves a project to make an impact as they learn together, from the perspective of sustainability as part of their practical studies in school. The central objectives for the project by Verena Fricke and Martin Hammerhofer for the learners of HBBK was ‘how to live so that everyone can survive’ and ‘how to contribute in helping others with our skills, so that others can see well’.

This was the drive of trainee opticians and students of the two-year vocational school (information technology) under the guidance of their teachers (Verena Fricke and Martin Hammerhofer) at HBBK before the 2021 summer holiday. By way of support for this worthy project, various opticians from Münster and the surrounding areas provided the learners with used glasses as well as consumables such as nose pads and temple ends. By way of application of skills, the pupils sift through the materials, repaired minor damage, polished them, measured the visual acuities and categories of the glasses professionally.

The visual aids and sunglasses are ready to be transported to BECOLED- Ghana for free distribution through the Key Contact Persons of the HBBK-BECOLED Partnership, during an official visit by Ulrich Niehüser and Martin Hammerhofer to Berekum College of Education in August, 2021 for inspection of a Solar Heater Plant and Solar Light Project at Berekum College of Education.

Currently, with support from the Partnership and Cooperation and IT Units of Berekum College of Education, over three hundred (300) staff and students have registered online to be screened on the 10th August, 2021 to ensure the appropriateness of the glasses for their eyes.  In the end, this important experience enables all participants to look clearly “beyond their own nose” and the pupils can look back on another day practical learning and being part of team that has produced numerous visual aids as well as sunglasses useful for others especially in another country.


Andrews Ohene Darteh

Key Contact Person, HBBK-BECOLED Partnership, Ghana.

Martin Hammerhofer

Key Contact Person, HBBK-BECOLED Partnership, Germany.

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