Workshop for Mentors and Lead Mentors on Problem Based Lesson Approach of Teaching

This workshop was held to retrain basic school teachers in Berekum and its environs. Spearheaded by Mr. Samuel Acheampong, Teachers were advised to desist from their traditional methods of teaching which only put children at the receiving end and adopt the problem solving approach. This approach, Mr. Acheampong elaborated, give children the chance to deliberate on subject problems and present their solutions which will then be polished by their teachers. This approach will help the teachers to deliver based on the knowledge possessed by the children and to frame it in such a way that will build upon the understanding of pupils, he added.

Also, teachers were admonished to refrain from words and acts that brings down the spirit of pupils. This, Mr. Prince Kusi added, that if a pupil is not performing it doesn’t mean he/she is a tabula rasa but could largely be the fault of the teacher who is adopting the wrong strategy or method of teaching making it difficult for pupil to understand or otherwise apply. In attendance was the Principal, Mr. Prince Yeboah Marfo, the Vice Principal, Mr. Justice O. D. Fenteng and other management members of the college.


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