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The Languages Department is one of the key departments in Berekum College of Education. The Department is tasked with the responsibility of meeting the language needs of students in both the English Language and Twi, the prevailing local language within the catchment area of the college, in terms of content and pedagogy. The Department, therefore, consists of two units, which are the English Unit and the Twi Unit.

Each unit has its separate Unit Head who collaborates with the Head of Department to ensure the success of all activities taking place in the department. Currently, the Unit Head of the English Unit is Mr. Yaw Kyeremeh Sarkodie, while the Twi Unit is headed by Madam Agnes Adwoa Mensah, and the Department, which embodies both Units, is headed by Mr. Christopher Gyau.

The Department has rich and experienced human resources who work in a collaborative manner to ensure that the day to day activities assigned it per the status of the college are appropriately attained. In all, we have twelve (12) tutors in the department who comprise eight (8) English Language, and related Tutors and four (4) Ghanaian Language (Twi) Tutors.

The Department of Languages in Berekum College of Education with its rich human resources continues to work harder in a bid to provide every desired support by the college to deal with its language needs appropriately.

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Christopher Gyau

Head of Department