Performing Arts

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Performing Arts

The department handles the visual art programme which is made up of courses that provides the student teacher basic principles of child art psychology and knowledge in creating artefacts. By this, students teachers are guided to work creatively in order to solve some basic needs in life such as food, clothing and shelter etc. This faculty seeks to train teachers who will excellently frontier the teaching and transfer of arts and culture in the basic education.

Courses taught under the visual arts curriculum are many and varied, for instance Basic Design, Picture making, Sculpture, ceramics, leather works, drawing and colouring, pattern/ printmaking, lettering, wearing and stitching, modelling and casting, assemblage and construction. It also exposes trainees to the use of basic tools, equipments and materials used in creating artefacts.

The courses are designed to be taught as integrated learning area using thematic approach to develop the essential skills, knowledge and understanding required for a good teacher as set in the National Teaching Standards.

The main focus of the course is to promote the policy of education in ghana as educating the whole person - intellectually, socially, psychologically, creatively, artistically/ aesthetically and physically. These attributes are practically achieved in the College, thus, learning-by-doing to facilitate understanding and role learning.

Berekum College of Education

Clifford Elijah Kewa

Head of Department