Dean of Students' Affairs

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Dean of Students' Affairs

The Dean of students keeps under review the system of halls of residence in collaboration with hall wardens. Makes subject to approval of Academic board, reflection to ensure proper functioning of the halls of residence. Makes adequate reflection for the supervision and welfare of junior members of the college.

Act in “Loco Parent” for all junior members. Liaises with the college secretary, heads of department/units, hall tutors (wardens), students’ registration council and all other appropriate bodies in all matters affecting the welfare of junior members and be responsible to the principal in the exercise of the unit's function.


  • To ensure effective communication between management and students.
  • Foster interpersonal and intrapersonal relations between management and students.
  • Enforcement of law, order and maintaining discipline among students in collaboration with the hall wardens /other stakeholders.
  • Promote a very conducive environment for learning.
Berekum College of Education

Mr Samuel Kyei Yamoah

Dean of Students