Vocational & Technical

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Vocational & Technical

The Department aims at training qualified educationists in Vocational and Technical Education to take up teaching, monitoring and guiding roles in educating the basic level in this field. The Department offer programmes designed to give in depth knowledge in the areas of:

  • Food and Nutrition
  • Clothing and Textiles
  • Management in Living
  • Technical Education

Our students are trained in this discipline to become teachers who will help to equip students in basic education with skills in the above-mentioned specialities which can be developed and refined into gainful ventures or enterprises. Teachers produced from this field are practically equipped to impart pragmatic insight into the various aspects of the vocational and technical education with it skills.

  • Fundamentals of Home Economics
  • Sociology of The Family
  • Introduction to Food & Nutrition
  • Introduction to Clothing & Textiles
  • Introduction to Family Resource Management
  • Textile Fibres & Fabrics
  • Foundations of Technical Vocational Educational Training (TVET)
  • Meal Management
  • Curriculum Studies in Home Economics
  • Basics of Community Nutrition
  • Issues in Family Finance
  • Basic Pattern Drafting & Adaptation
  • Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development
  • Clothing Construction
  • Food Handling & Preservation
  • Methods of Teaching Home Economics
  • Principles of Housing & Housing Management
  • Food & Culture
  • Clothing Management
  • Issues in Food Safety & Sanitation
  • Housing & Home Improvement
  • Introduction to Free-Hand Cutting
Berekum College of Education

Florence Kwartemaa

Head of Department