Science Department

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The Science faculty is one of the most prestigious in the college. The faculty instills requisite knowledge and skills that are relevant for impactful contributions to society through informative and contemporary science education.

Students are highly trained by professional tutors to take the up the mandate and educate the growing generation in this regard. This faculty has three constituents namely: integrated, agriculture and physical science departments. These departments together prepare excellent professional teachers in the field of science for basic education.

The faculty has a science laboratory facility which is well equipped with the necessary instruments to engage students practically in both integrated and agricultural sciences to cement their understanding of the theories been taught. Also, there is a well organised and furnished sports unit with all the materials to engage students in the physical science technicalities and training covering both track and field events.

The faculty has a staff strength of twelve (12) positioned under the integrated, agricultural and physical science units with eight (8) and two (2) each for the respective units.

Berekum College of Education

Charles Badu

Head of Department