Social Science Department

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Social Science

The Department offers courses which meet the demands of the new curriculum at the pre-tertiary levels. The courses are framed in three main areas; The environment (comprises geography related courses), Governance, Politics and Stability, which looks at political development of Ghana, the history and culture of Ghana, and the social and economic development.

Several courses are designed under the three main thematic areas to equip learners to teach comfortably. The above decriptions best suit the social studies education, which is a core subjet at the junior high schools (JHS) in Ghana.

The department in addition offers a course in health related issues like HIV and AIDS studies to educate students on the causes, symptoms, mode of transmission, effects and prevention or management of such health issues. The department of Social Sciences can boast of social studies and HIV/AIDS education courses.

Berekum College of Education

Collins Appiah

Head of Department